About Zack & Tara

Welcome to Zack & Tara!  We are an online retailer of high quality muslin baby textiles – specializing in soft, huggable muslin for baby and beautiful prints for mom.

At Zack & Tara we believe that the designs on our muslin Signature Swaddle blankets and other cotton muslin products reflect today’s fresh trends. The blankets themselves are of such quality that your babies will be able to use them for many years.

Stylish, Functional, and Ethical Textiles

Launched in 2013, Zack & Tara is the brainchild of one smart mom’s love for style and her commitment to whole, ethically-sourced and produced textiles for her growing family.  We’re happy to share that our products are compliant with ethical trading practices. No harmful chemicals are used in our production process and all dyes we use are 100% AZO-free.

Our products are made in Delhi, India, in a factory run by Zack & Tara’s family.  This close connection allows us to verify ethical production processes for all the products that we produce.

Our Packaging

At Zack & Tara, we’ve even considered how our packaging might reflect our values.  You’ll notice that our packaging is minimal – most Zack & Tara products have a simple ribbon and tag, and are placed in a re-sealable polybag.  From time to time we  use a cardboard insert in order to help our items keep their shape. We chose the minimalist approach to packaging in order to keep our environmental footprint in check and to focus on the quality of our products.

Who are Zack and Tara?logo144

Once not so very long ago, a little girl name Tara was born.  Her arrival made the world a better place.  Her parents fell in love with her, and became better people themselves.  They saw the world through the eyes of parents – committing to love her, and through her, finding a new compassion for children in all parts of the world.  Their personal and professional backgrounds came together in a flash and so formed this little company with a big heart, committing to produce and sell stylish textile products that didn’t harm other boys and girls in the making of them.

As Tara grew, she met her best friend, Zack.  Since they’re always together, it just seemed right to include him too.  That’s their picture there on our logo.


Use and Care of Zack & Tara Muslin Blankets

Why Do We Like Muslin Blankets So Much?

Muslin for infants, babies, and toddlers may be all the rage, but the fabric itself has a long and illustrious history all over the world.  What we call muslin is actually a name for a group of cotton fabrics whose first creation is lost in the passage of time.  The place, however, is no mystery.  The earliest evidence of using cotton as a textile fiber around 3000 BC comes from India and so does the hand-weaving of muslin fabrics.  From the start, muslin has been used for for cooking, cleaning, toys and play, diapering, doctoring, bedding, and fine fabric.  Today cotton is grown in more than 80 countries worldwide but India remains a superior source of both cotton cultivation and muslin manufacture.

Why do we prefer a blanket like Zack & Tara’s muslin Signature Swaddle or Snuggle blanket instead of another material?

Let us tell you what we like best about working with muslin:

  • Long fibre cotton has a luster and softness that improves with use – this makes our blankets grow softer and softer.
  • Great absorbency
  • Great colour retention
  • Prints well
  • Machine-washable and dryable
  • Dry-cleanable…but completely unnecessary for our products!
  • Fabric is strong and durable
  • Resists pilling, abrasion, and moths

What Do They Mean When They Say That Muslin ‘Breathes’?

Cotton muslin is said to ‘breathe’ which means that air circulates through the weave, which helps little bodies regulate temperature.  The fact that cotton does this makes muslin fabric an ideal choice for warm or cold climates because unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton doesn’t hold moisture close to the skin.

In hot weather, cotton fibers absorb perspiration and release it on the surface of the fabric so it evaporates, leaving your little one cool and comfortable.

In cold weather, if the fabric remains dry, the fibers retain body heat which ensures that little bodies stay warm and cozy.


Zack & Tara muslin blankets can be laundered in the washing machine – busy parents don’t have time for anything else!  Rest assured that our blankets are up to your laundry schedule – it only makes them softer over time. Wash our products in cold water and use a non-chlorine bleach if you need to.  Tumble dry on low heat. Cool iron, if desired.

Our bags have special wash instructions:

Machine wash Zack & Tara bags using cold water on a gentle cycle. Hang to dry and do not iron.